Design Indy is a grassroots initiative started by a small group of folks who have a passion for design, and a vision of revealing the impact of design to everyone in the Circle City. 

Individuals from Collabo Creative, Element Three, the Indiana Division of Historic Preservation & Archaeology, the College of Architecture and Planning at Ball State University, and the Industrial Designers Society of America got together only a few months ago with no budget and a grand vision. Since then, Design Indy has been growing into a month-long initiative to bring together the design community and showcase all of the great work that has, and will, be done to positively impact our city.

Just like prototyping done in the design process, this initiative was launched knowing we don’t have it perfected. However, we’re continually striving to build involvement and awareness, with the goal of being as inclusive as possible, and expanding community outreach and participation.

If you have any questions, or are eager to be involved please contact us!

Providing focus

The world of design is HUGE! The multitude of design professions, as well as the fact that everyone engages in design activities (whether they know it or not) yields a near limitless amount of topics to be covered. However, since October only has 31 days we have focused our efforts for the first year on the following four areas:

Built Environment

Product & Industrial Design

Visual Communication

Service & Strategy Design

Ready to learn more? Check out our calendar for all the great events!