It’s no secret there are many DJs in Indianapolis, we even have our own Indianapolis DJ Connection. Although Indy has very few well known musical groups, some notable Indiana-based independent artists include Michael and Janet Jackson, John Melloncamp, Deniece Williams, Axl , Rose (Guns N Roses), Babyface, Mark Battles, and Freddie Gibbs. With that being said, there is much inspiration for music within Indiana, and that’s why Indianapolis disc jockeys have flourished the city with any genre of music you can think of.

Indiana Musicians Go Back to the 19th Century

To learn more about Indianapolis DJs, first we must learn a little more about the history of music in Indiana. Indiana was first signed into the states on May 7, 1800 and the music of the land was heavily influenced by German and Irish immigrants who arrived in the 1830s. One well known composer from Indiana is Thomas P. Westendorf, who wrote the song “I’ll Take You Home Again Kathleen” in 1875. This song has been covered by many famous musicians such as Johnny Cash, Bing Crosby, Elvis Presley, and it even earned a scene in a Star Trek episode. This is just a small example how Indiana’s musical roots influence local DJs in Indianapolis.

Indiana is Home to Many Indigenous Musical Trends

Now, when you look at the name “Indiana” it’s pretty common for one to notice the word “Indian” within; that’s because Indiana means “Land of the Indians.” Before the first settlers of Indiana, many Native Americans inhabited the land just north of the Ohio river. Music of the Indigenous people trend back centuries, as early as the 1500s, but most likely further than that. With that said, the land of Indiana has musical energy for centuries which really affects the DJs in Indianapolis.

The Land of Indiana Has Much Musical Inspiration

If you ever meet someone from Indiana and ask them what it’s like, they will more than likely tell you it’s a bunch of cornfields. Well, that’s because it is, Indiana ranks one of the top ten flattest states in the USA, so it’s safe to say there is not much to do in Indianapolis rather than tour the city for entertainment. But if you ask a true Indy resident, they will tell you one of the best parts about living in Indy is the Indianapolis DJs. Indianapolis is home the “King” of pop, Michael Jackson, and the well-known hip-hop artist, Freddie Gibbs, these are probably the top 2 Indiana-based artists that inspire Indy DJs the most.

Indianapolis is Fluent in Hip-Hop

Many DJs in Indianapolis have been juggling records since the 80s, that means these guys and gals have been serving as Indianapolis disc jockeys for over 30 years—which is basically how long Hip-Hop has been around. The Indianapolis DJ Connection is a one of the biggest Indianapolis DJ services of local Indy Hip-Hop DJs who have been serving Hoosiers with fine music for decades. Each disc jockey on their roster has at least 10 years of experience with mixing music, so it’s safe to say you will always find a great Indianapolis DJ with their service.

DJs in Indianapolis Will Mesmerize You with Their Music

When you see a DJ in Indianapolis live, you will be astounded by the emotions they will bring you from their set. Mixing music truly is a beautiful art, and it wouldn’t be possible without the great skills of a talented disc jockey. The best Indianapolis DJs are very playful when mixing music; doing tricks such as beat-juggling, scratching the record, or making music talk to each other. One of my personal favorite DJs in Indianapolis is DJ Top Speed who is well known across the US for his wicked techniques. It’s quite the experience to witness this guy, and many other Indy DJs, play music; they will have your body moving and grooving all night!

Witness the Madness for Yourself – Find DJs in Indianapolis Today

There’s always something going on in Indianapolis, every day of the week. If you are looking to visit Indy, then you will be pleased to find all the wonderful things there is to do! Even though Indiana is flat, don’t count us out for the wonderful food, music, and Indianapolis DJs we have to offer.